Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Cheeyi

It has become a routine that has to be done daily - a ritual, almost. She stands in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror with a basin of water in one hand and a small towel in another. She forces herself to look into the mirror and suppresses the disgust and utter horror as she wets the towel and dabs at her face (if it can still pass as a face).

The softness of the towel on her skin is delicious. Slowly, gently and with a deftness that could only hint at regularity, she removes the flakes of skin from her purulent flesh. The pinkish, raw sinewy muscles on her face contracts when she opens her mouth. The foul-smelling pus that flows down her throat is carefully cleaned.

She lifts up a rubber mask from her dresser and puts it on, careful to secure the edges. Make-up is applied to make her face more realistic, more natural. At best, she looked as though she had had a bad plastic surgery, at worst the bleeding is too heavy to put on a fake face at all. She looks at herself proudly, admiring the face that her own hands had produced.

He wouldn't recognize her now. No, she had been beautiful once and he had been the devil. If she had known better she wouldn't have made the deal with him but he had been so charming, so alluring. Let me love you and let me be with you and I'll give you anything. Anything. Well, he did. He let her love him and let her be with him and he wanted her face.

But you know what they say, a deal's a deal and he got her goddamned face. She hopes he does it justice. Pretty faces are hard to come by, after all.

P.S. Hope you don't mind I wrote dark stuff for your birthday. =)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take My Heart

When I die, promise you'll retrieve my heart before it deliquesces in my body. You have ten minutes. Shatter my ribs and reach into my chest. There you shall find my heart, silent and rigid, but do not be fooled. It may lie limp and dead, but it will bite your fingers off at first chance. Do not fret.

Sing it a ballad. You may stroke it gently once it grows docile. It will purr and squirm under your touch. Now (and you must be quick and firm), seize it tight and wrench it out from its nest of veins and capillaries. Do not worry if it gasps and moans. Stretch it as thin as you can but take care not to tear it. When it is flat, dry it in the sun and tie it around your wrist.

Then and only then, will I be with you. Always.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Advice For February:

Be nice to people this month. Smile, but take care to ensconce your sharp, jagged teeth. Laugh kindly at people's jokes, but do not spout blood. Speak softly, as to not wake the slumbering demon in the confines of your mind. Ignore your belly, you do not want to eat humans. Keep your hands occupied, try not to pull out your nails when you're nervous. Lock your heart in a jar, it had never been a good influence. Bathe in formaldehyde everyday, or you will be plagued by gnats and maggots. Do not go near the animals, they will shriek and hiss. Eat with a fork and a knife, but do not concentrate too much on the knife - or the fork too for that matter (you don't want to kill somebody). Finally, look into others' eyes with loving kindness and do not let the insanity show.