Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Armand

you are an event horizon,
a perfect black body
of gravitational monstrosity.
and i would never
be able to escape you.

you are a stellar black hole,
into which i
and i'm
                     g still.

i am alice spiralling into
a twisted dream
from which i'll never

you are the arcane, impenetrable fissure
in the spacetime continuum.
trapped in you,
i was ripped into shreds but
upon reaching
spacetime singularity
i have transcended

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Song of Marrows

i break your bones for breakfast
snapping into thirds your
fragile vertebral column.

i name your cervical vertebrae mary,
draw a pocket knife
and carve on it my name 
and words that i've never gotten around saying. 
S-O-R-R-Y over and over again
until the words overlap each other
and my fingers are coated with a fine layer of your
osseous dust. 

i name your thoracic vertebrae susan,
kiss it reverently
and burn it in a sacrificial flame.
the smoke curls smell of winter and faded dreams and
long hours of crying late into the night when
you thought i was asleep. 
i keep the ashes in your vintage
lidove umeni matchbox. 

i name your lumbar vertebrae katie,
braise it in pinot-noir with a dash of paprika,
whisk olive oil and capers and shallots
into the wine reduction. 
drizzle it lovingly over the crevices of your vertebrae
and suck the living hell out of

your kyphotic sacrum sits on the table
beside my bed 
because i am now alone.