Wednesday, May 3, 2017

poems of my sins, part 3

Your lips;
Pressing insistently into mine
Sucking on my mouth, on my breath,
On my entire soul,
So that when you left
you tore a part of me with you.

poems of my sins, part 2

Things are whispered in the dead of the night
That can't be said in the day.
I love you
I fucking love you.
But only just tonight.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

poems of my sins, part 1

I am shattered.
I am a hollow shell, flesh picked clean
By gulls.
The sound of waves still echo in me,
But I am far from the ocean.
I am far from anything
I had ever known.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"i walked with you once upon a dream"

but fairy tales are
for little girls and you are too old, your soul
too battered for lies like that anymore.
fairy tales are for innocent, virginal girls in 
pink dresses 
diamond crowns
and your eyes are too full of shadows, bones too
full of secrets to pretend
to be pure.
your mouth has tasted too much cum
for the kiss of a prince, and
you will never be able to
conceal the stubble burns etched into your skin
from past lovers.
you cannot un-taste the apple
you have stolen, 
you cannot un-see 
the hell you have glimpsed. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

on relationships

she said i can’t love you anymore
because you drain me.
you’re like a mutated, human-sized
leech feeding on every bit and morsel of me
and you scream whenever i cried salt tears.
i can never understand how
two people who mutually hurt each other
could stay together willingly
but now i see that people will always
hold onto things that they are
familiar with, even though it’s killing them.
and i’m sure those half-burned wounds
on your body would never heal
if you keep latching onto me
because i will never stop crying.
so it would be better if we
stop loving each other